Monday, February 15, 2010

To Nature True

Over the rocks, and sometimes past
The water flows, so swift and fast
Bothered not, by what's in the way
To nature true, the water stays


Vijay said...

Beautiful as always

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Thanks Vijay!

Sandeep D. said...

yea Sandeep! it's really beautiful, it's not been a long time I've been following ur blog, but believe me have become a fan of ur paintings ever since i saw a painting of urs. :-)

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Lovely yet again, Sandeep!

thomas w. schaller said...

beautiful words to match your beautiful paintings sandeep.

very glad i found you here - you are an inspiration-)

cheers - tom

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Thanks Sandeep. Glad to see you around.
Thanks Ramesh.
Thanks Tom. I am pleasantly surprised to see you here. :)

Balaji said...

Sandeep...This one is outstanding in every way. I think this is my favourite of your paintings that I have seen so far.

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Thanks Balaji. Its based on a landscape at Pu La Deshpande Garden in Pune.