Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Greens Of Peace

The greens of peace, though steady stand
With lights so merry, in ripples dance
Reflect they seem, on river flows
On what's to stay, and what's to go


Vinayak said...

Wow man! Awesome work! Cant say whether the painting is better or the verse.
Thanks for sharing

Pat said...

What a gorgeous painting!
That's the best set of greens I've ever seen!

Studio at the Farm said...

It is a beautiful painting, Sandeep. I also find green to be a most peaceful color.

Dipti said...

Hi Sandeep,This is beautiful! All ur paintings are awesome.

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Thanks Vinayak, Pat, Studio@Farm, Dipti for your compliments.
Must say here that both the painting and the poem just happened to happen. :)

Susan Liles said...

Wonder painting, you always paint beautiful greens which is nice to see after it snowing here every day.

izys said...

Very beautiful ! i will come back to see your other paintings.